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Friends of the Museum

 'de Spoelb?rch'

Museum 'de Spoelb?rch' in 'Holy Spirit' College

Dear Visitor,

This amateurish website-under-construction is temporarily hosted by some friends of the small museum 'de Spoelb?rch', which is located in a beautiful medieval college bulding of our old "alma mater"; the 'University of Leuven'. Apart from the museum, also students are housed in this same building. Despite  the name of the college building  being 'Holy Spirit', the art objects on display in the museum do not directly refer to any beverages with a high alcohol content. 

In contrast, more befitting for this museum, which shares its housing with university students and which is named after its Maecenas, there is merely a discreet indirect reference to the bright Brabant brewing tradition, successfully producing beverages with moderate alcohol content since 1366 (i.e. 59 years prior to the founding of the university in the same city of Leuven).

Obviously, this is not the official website of the museum. For more information regarding the art objects on display and the opening times, please follow the external link (evidently, we have no influence on the contents of that site): http://www.leuven.be/showpage.asp?iPageID=1981   


PS: Our webmaster (JD) is obviously getting too old for this kind of internet stuff, and moreover, as you can see here, apparently has virtually no talent for virtual-internet-design. He therefore would like to hand over (at no cost) this temporary task and corresponding domains ASAP to a rightful and caring new successor of the next generation. If you are interested, please contact;

webmaster@spoelb?rch.be (includes http://de.spoelb?rch.be)



(The question mark was inserted to prevent spam mails being automatically generated but undoubtedly you will know how to replace it by the correct letter.)

If the above sounds too complicated, simply click mail@udu.de

Please feel free to contact us in any language of your preference! Please accept our apologies in advance for any delays in replying to your mail because during some periods of the year we do not access our mails on a daily basis.